Before design, before architecture, before filmmaking and performance, before the whole thing, I’m a reader. My books are the things that I would grab were my house be on fire. I love words. I love a good turn of phrase. At every twist and turn along my path, reading and writing has had an important role. 

I spent a summer writing press releases as an intern at Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga. (And have written PR for student films.) In Charlottesville, I wrote financial news. I plowed through architecture theory books in high school. Then in college wrote I distilled some of that reading into urban studies and architecture history. I’ve touched on art criticism. I think good design doesn’t happen without great copy. I once wrote a monthly column for a car magazine on automotive websites.

I blogged the way through my final semester at art school. I’ve kept a blog on deaf and hard of hearing issues. I have a decent enough artist statement. And even kept another blog for a spell. I’ve got a million more clips should you want ’em. All you have to is ask.


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