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New work: Bantu site live

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New work: the big 6-0 for SOS

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New work: being apart of history for ImEq

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New work: Happy Holidays

Click the image to watch us float around in a scene that I conceived and art directed for Sage Communications. I’m the shaved headed guy in brown that stands on the right.

Have a safe and happy holidays! See you in the new year!

New work: ‘doors opening’ for ImEq

Doors Opening annual report cover

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Idea Bar: personal unconference

I take pride in the diverse interests of my friends — from auto journalists, PR prosillustrators to historic preservationists, filmmakers and poets. Perhaps you feel the same way about your friends?

Thinking allowed here: the collection of information we have to share with each other is enormous.

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Career narrative beta test

As an exercise in personal branding, I’ve updated and revised the beta test of my career narrative. (Think of it like an extended artist statement — a career statement?)

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