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Idea Bar: two-for-one night

Tonight we are offering a two-for-one special: setting up a themed t-shirt shop at Skreened and self-testing your own advice. So welcome to another night at Idea Bar, please free to use anything that seems interesting.

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Great Q&A of a client (I didn’t do it, but you should still read it)

Matt Smith, one of my first clients in the Washington, DC area, who helped me through a rough transition out here. Got a nice little Q&A in the Wash Biz Journal. He’s a got strong creative vision while being an all around great guy. The new chalkboard-covered walls sound amazing — like working inside a sketchbook. Congratulations to Matt and everyone at SmithGifford for their continued success. (You’ll even find one of the 30s spots that I edited for them up at their website. Hint: It’s the United Way “Thanks” spot.)

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Signage feed

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