New work: Red-clad army takes on DC

Crowd of LGBT immigration reformers gathers in Washington

Yesterday, was the first march on LGBT March on Washington in 16 years, my long-time association with and creating a brand for Immigration Equality made us the best dressed team in the entire march. Our red-clad army, waving our placards were a sight to behold. Two hundred strong in a sea of people 150,000 strong. We made a huge impression on the crowd. It was a great way to cap an exciting year of growth for Immigration Equality, including the opening of a DC office.

It’s kind of an amazing feeling to be surrounded by your work — especially in a situation as powerful as seeing hundreds of thousands of your LGBT brothers, sisters, and allies march from the White to the Capitol. Now I know the appeal of mass merchandising.

More pictures of favorite details and the entire set is at my Flickr.

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1 Response to “New work: Red-clad army takes on DC”

  1. 1 Perez Christina 2009 October 13 at 1:35

    interesting !

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