Idea Bar: two-for-one night

Tonight we are offering a two-for-one special: setting up a themed t-shirt shop at Skreened and self-testing your own advice. So welcome to another night at Idea Bar, please free to use anything that seems interesting.

I recently created a store at for what I’m calling The 1974 T-Shirt Project. It’s built around my conversations on Twitter, where I’m @xtopher1974, where I refer refer to my parter as Mr. NO. Throw in liberal amounts of self doubt and BINGO! a project was born.

There’s a serious side here too. Mr. NO and I have been partners for 8 years. We are a binational couple. Under current immigration law, we are not recognized as a family. We struggle and have spent long stretches apart. It’s a difficult situation, but I’m using the 1974 T-Shirt Project to highlight the work of Immigration Equality and to pledge 20% of my commission at Skreened to their work.

But (and here’s the two-for-one), this is also a test. I’m testing promotion through social channels and using the print on demand services of Skreened (and their ethical business model). These kind of tests help me to give the best advice I can to my cash-strapped, nonprofit clients. I like the freedom of print on demand. It costs me (or you) nothing to establish the store, letting me put all the effort into hatching the idea and promoting it.

Testing an idea on myself is reasoning behind creating this site on WordPress . I wanted to know if could I make a portfolio site to my standards wrapped around a template system. And if I could, could I recommend the same to a client? Like a small nonprofit in its infancy? So far as with Skreened, the answer is yes.

The Idea Bar: The Idea Bar grew out of my fascination with the artist Harrell Fletcher and the brain dumps of ideas that he used to litter his site. This manifested as a performance installation, 2,003 Ideas for Future Projects. Recently while reading Rohit Bhargava, I came across his IdeaBar posts and the concept of open source idea sharing, inspired by John at Digital Influence Mapping Project. Like Rohit, I say take and use these ideas, just please link back to me or the specific Idea Bar post that inspired you.

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