New work: Action Fund temporary site

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Press check sneak peek

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New work: Red-clad army takes on DC

Crowd of LGBT immigration reformers gathers in Washington

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New work: CMI Management site live

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New(ish) work: together with Immigration Equality

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Idea Bar: two-for-one night

Tonight we are offering a two-for-one special: setting up a themed t-shirt shop at Skreened and self-testing your own advice. So welcome to another night at Idea Bar, please free to use anything that seems interesting.

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Inaudible Nonsense relaunch

Tumblr has totally changed my relationship to cataloguing my thoughts on the web.

It’s fun to use (so it doesn’t feel like one more thing I can’t keep up with) and I don’t obsess over formatting different kinds of posts as Tumblr makes some of those decisions for me. I’m sure there tech purists that want infinite amount of control.

To me though, what has made the internet revolution over the last decade is easy to use broadcast tools built on web standards. Tumblr may be too limited for some, but that’s it’s genius. That’s what makes Twitter and Facebook so successful as well. Limits.

After using Tumblr to do play around with a visual shopping shopping list of sorts, called I want candy, I started a group blog of imagery and inspiration with my friend David, called Trumpery. And then decided that my project Inaudible Nonsense needed to come out of its dormant period.

It’s now on Tumblr as well. Please do follow along.

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New work: Bantu site live

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New work: the big 6-0 for SOS

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New work: being apart of history for ImEq

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